Trans Crystal Therapy Session - Santa Clarita, CA

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A Trans-Crystal Therapy session is a blissful retreat into Reiki energy, crystals, meditative music and Light Body Crystal Elixirs designed to relax, nurture and rejuvenate.  The two-hour session includes cleansing of the auric field, evaluation of the chakra column, a crystal balancing process to harmonize both hemispheres of the brain, and light-body activation.     Also extremely beneficial before and after surgery, for those transitioning through grief/loss, traumatic life changes, intense stress and so much more. Each session is enjoyed lying on a professional size Amethyst BioMat with 26 lbs of amethyst crystals beneath you, emitting far infrared rays as well as negative ions, all warmed and penetrating your body from the neck down.  An hour of heaven!  

Please arrived adequately hydrated