About Me

Me and Crystals, We Speak the Same Language

I was always a rock hound, picking up stones and searching out the crystal section of every little touristy place we visited on weekend car rides through desert towns. Taking walks or hanging out with friends in the hills behind our house there always seemed to be stones speaking to me, calling out from their half-buried spots along my path; "take me home with you!"  And I felt I couldn't leave anyone behind who asked.  To this day I still discover forgotten caches  stashed away decades ago. As an adult on business trips I brought home the same types of natural treasures for both my kids. My son lost interest after a few days with them in his pockets, but my daughter Jessie never did.            She remains her mother's crystal-daughter, and now has a crystalline daughter of her own!

As I spent most of my working adult life in one health food store after another, in my spare time I became a Reiki Practitioner, a Trans-Crystal Therapist and Life Coach.  Then one day a Reiki Master friend offered a special workshop/introduction to the Crystals of Light, a multi-dimensional, transformational set of double-terminated crystal wands.  I had experiences in that workshop that not only blew my mind, but assisted me in re-membering my crystal roots and the healing abilities I was born with.  

It was the beginning of my move away from my corporate job, and into a four year program at Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles to become a licensed Spiritual Practitioner.  While immersed in those studies and practicing the Life Visioning Process developed by Michael Bernard Beckwith, I received a vision of what is now the Light Body Crystal Elixirs, and brought them into being within weeks of that experience. I began to use them on myself, my clients and family with wonderful results. They've since made their way into retail spaces, spas, bookstores and on the road with me at metaphysical/spiritual events. I cherish the impassioned stories and testimonials of happy clients, customers and friends and am discovering through them, all the myriad benefits others experience using the elixirs in their unique life circumstances. It's become clear that the synergistic crystal presence in each formula works with each person as spiritual ally on an individual level, responding through shared divine consciousness.  I have no scientific proof of this assertion, just personal and reported transformational shifts in the areas of physical health, emotional balance, mental awareness and spiritual expansion.

You gotta feel it to believe it.



My Beautiful Family


In addition to producing the Light Body Crystal Elixirs, I acquire and sell beautiful stones and crystals, I practice a hands-on Crystal Reiki healing modality with the Crystals of Light wands and other healing crystals in grids on the body, and I'm a non-denominational minister, marrying people and performing sacred ceremonies.

My vision for the future of the New Path Energy Center is to share the Light Body Crystal Elixirs on a global level, to see them being utilized in clinical environments, by mental health practitioners as well as wholistic healers, massage therapists, vets, schools and major institutions.  

I believe in the power of Crystals in the hands of compassionate, kind and loving people who above all want to do good.  And how wonderful it is just to keep spreading the beauty and wisdom of the Stone Kingdom around the world, and the cosmos for that matter ....

Thanks for visiting, I hope to serve you in so many crystal ways!