Light Body Crystal Elixirs

Each time I hear myself say, "I just have to let this go," I spray LETTING GO all around me, and immediately feel uplifted.  I love it so much! The scent, the feeling I get when I use it, and how it seems to exponentially increase in intensity throughout the day, even if I don't spray! Just thinking about it seems to cause some molecular reaction that somehow reactivates the spray's intention. I keep my bottle of LETTING GO very close by, and use it when I feel myself getting perturbed about things that could easily ruin my entire day.  Now I just "let it go."  Excellent product!"

- H.K., Master Healer, Psychic Medium and Author

Tina's Healing Services


"Working with Tina is like being held in Sacred Hands and carefully guided to your highest good energetically. For me personally the lovely light I feel entering my crown during holy work like meditation, has expanded to a body flow that began in my last session with Tina and her crystal wands, and continues to fill me with a Grace I can now access always. I am forever grateful for Tina's Spirit and Love."

     -D. Burkinshaw, Reiki Master and Healer


"Tina Landrum is a master of healing and crystal energy. She functions at such a high level of intuition, integrity, and knowledge that once your energy merges with hers, you are forever changed. During an especially difficult time, Tina was able to reverse and remove blockages that had been getting in the way of my own personal evolution. She is gentle, yet powerful, sensitive yet persistent. She has the ability and where-with-all to pull from her metaphysical toolbox exactly what you need to get on the track best suited for you. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have experienced Tina's expertise. She is a gift to the universe."

 Harriette Knight, Master Healer. Psychic-Medium, Author, and Radio Host

“I am so glad that I came to you for the healing sessions.  There are no words.  It was so lovely.  I know that it really made a difference.  Everyone should experience your beautiful healing energy.”

        -S.R.  Valencia, CA

“After my session with Tina, my physical body experienced such a release of tension, I was able to find the "relax" my nervous system needed to reset.  It brings me such happiness to make introductions to Tina and the gifts she shares.”

- J O L I E  Chitwood C O X

Hi Tina,                                                                                                                      Wanted to tell you thank you again for the work you did with me. I spent the rest of the week with my Mom as she just got out of the hospital with pneumonia. I had incredible energy - so much so that I am still thinking about it. It was a week of high stress and constant work. You are so wonderfully gifted, I am so glad I spent the time with you and will do it again soon.

Love C.J

Light Body Gems

“I rarely purchase jewelry online because I need to feel it, try it on, and then I only purchase what really calls to me. This necklace definitely called to me!

When it arrived, I was so nervous about opening the box. I actually set it aside for a bit. When I finally opened it, I nearly cried.

It's beautiful!! And I'm wearing it today. I feel like I'm surrounded in a field of iridescent sparkly energy, like it's a vortex spiraling up from my body to above my crown and then encircling me in a bubble. Wow. I showed it to a friend at work who also has an affinity for stones, and she said it's the prettiest necklace she's seen me wear. 

I feel empowered wearing it. Strong even. 

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and magical piece. I love it!” 

  - L. Jackson

Great Tree Ceremonies  


~ Minister Services                                                                                              


“Tina was incredibly professional, friendly and exactly what we wanted in our wedding ceremony. She took the time to get to know me and my husband and incorporate our humor, love for the sea and our families into our ceremony. Even with my pre-wedding jitters, she kept me calm and collected and helped make my wedding day exactly how I had envisioned it. My husband and I were thrilled at her friendliness, humor and her assistance in every step. From the initial consultation to the final signing of our wedding documents, Tina was fantastic. She captured our spirits and our love and I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a personable and loving experience.”

- Bree Scurti

"Tina is absolutely fantastic and graceful. She was the clear, patient, and warm voice in the mist of wedding anxieties. She took the time to get to know us and communicated with us every step of the way during the planning, so we felt (re-)assured and at ease with the process. She personalized a beautiful ceremony and blessing for us; our guests were awed by the beauty of her words. Tina helped us have such a beautiful, graceful, and memorable ceremony (and reception) that we could not have asked for a better Officiant for our wedding."                                                                                                  

J and R - Valencia, CA

“Many people came up to us and said ‘You picked the perfect person to perform your wedding’.  The ceremony was beautiful and well done, everything was perfect.  The way you incorporated all the elements we wanted was perfect, and the wording was very touching and beautiful. You spoke to us from our hearts and made it very special. Thank you for all you did.”

- Rusty and Theresa, Ventura, CA