What's A Crystal Elixir and How Does It Work?

Everything in the Universe is energy, including us. Our physical human bodies are actually vibratory fields of light, and each cell, organ and system in the body is governed by it's own unique electromagnetic field or EMF. Just like a crystal our EMF is individualized to us.  We're like energetic snowflakes - no two alike!  When our EMF comes into contact with the field of a crystal that offers a harmonizing frequency our body needs, we're attracted to it.  We say we love it's color or shape, it's interesting surfaces or the way light plays with it.  And while this may all be true, what's really happening is that our respective electromagnetic fields are "speaking" to each other. When we hold a crystal we allow this silent yet powerful vibratory conversation to shift us energetically, and this is a shift we can often feel happening.  Our heart center opens or we feel a subtle buzz in our belly.  We may hear a tone or our palms get warm. The effect varies yet can become stronger as we sit in meditation with the crystal, or hold it as we walk, or sit to read.  We begin to vibrate the same as the crystal. On a cellular level the atoms and quarks that make up the human form learn how to hold this frequency for longer intervals, they have memory and can return to the harmonized state with very slight energetic reminders, like spraying our auric (energetic) field with an elixir that has been energized with crystals.

A crystal elixir is made by putting crystals in water and energizing them in the light of the full moon and the sun.  These heavenly bodies allow the electromagnetic fields from the crystals to be transmitted to the water, and since water is a natural conductor it's more than happy to be charged with crystal energy!

My Light Body Crystal Elixirs are a line of energy medicine products in spray form, much like homeopathic remedies except they don't have to be taken internally.  Simply spraying the elixir around our own energy field activates chakras (energy centers), harmonizes various organs and systems and reminds our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies how to return to our harmonized "home" frequency. This frequency cultivates balanced wellness and may assist us in moving through our current issues or challenges in a state of greater peace, with more compassion and grace.        

Even with five distinct formulas, the benefits are as diverse as each person because the elixirs energetically respond to each individual’s needs.  

When used repeatedly throughout the day especially with good nutrition and lifestyle choices, the result is greater mental awareness, physical wellness, emotional well-being and spiritual expansion. 

Light Body Crystal Elixirs are recommended for personal home use and are safe for children, pets & plants.  They’re also popular with Energy Medicine Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Teachers, Counselors, Therapists, Daycare Providers, Veterinarians and more …