Energy Clearing for Home, Office and More - LA area

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Clear The Air, Renew Your Life

Home - Refresh the energy of your sanctuary space or cleanse the "after-spice" of old tenants in your new home.

Office - Release the accumulation of negativity, apathy or confusion as you set a new course for your team and the success of your business.

Also effective for Art Studios, Day-Care, Dance Studios, Doctor/Dentist Offices, Workshops and more ...

Our homes, businesses, offices are filled with infinite layers of vibrating energy; they are mirrors of ourselves, leaving an imprint of any energy either positive or negative that we radiate. Everything that happens in a building vibrates and leaves an energetic imprint. This means our good, happy, loving energy leaves a high vibration. On the other hand, it also means our worries, our fears, our issues leave a low vibration. This stagnant, sluggish, stuck energy accumulates all around us like dust and cobwebs, we just can’t see it. It accumulates in layers and layers of energy. We might not even know why we feel the way we do. We could be happy, until we come into a room that has been full of depressed energy. We can take that on in our bodies and not even be aware of it. This is why Space Clearing is so important, so we surround ourselves in a high vibrating energy to attract/manifest the life we dream of.  We use: Smudging, Crystals, Candle lighting, Affirmative Prayer.  Pricing begins at $75, range depends on square footage of space.